Life after lockdown

for the Milton Keynes caterer

Life after lockdown for the Milton Keynes caterer

Well, that was an interesting few months! A dreadful and difficult time for so many people. Individuals, families and businesses have endured challenges the like of which they’ve never faced before … and will hope never to face again.

Here at Red Pepper Catering, we’ve been luckier than many. Yes, it’s true – business was, as you’d expect, quiet for a while – although our Afternoon Tea delivery service kept us busy for much of the lockdown period.

A new website with new features

So when lockdown began, we set ourselves the task of looking at every aspect of our Catering business to see how we could improve our customer service. First stop – our website! And here you are … visiting our shiny new website and reading our very first blog.

We hope you like the website. We want your visit to be enjoyable and helpful. We’ve worked hard to achieve a look and feel that’s welcoming and lovely to look at. We want you to be able to navigate your way around easily and to find everything you need to know.

Blogs like this will be a regular feature. We’ll write them to keep you updated with our new services, offers and menus.

Welcome to our all-new Posh Ploughman’s

We’ve already mentioned our Afternoon Tea in a box. But how about this? Welcome to the original, one-and-only Red Pepper Posh Ploughmans!. Spoil yourself at home with our famous traditional British Ploughman’s Lunch. Clients seem to love this for a sunny, summer afternoon. Your friends or family are popping round. You don’t fancy cooking a Sunday roast. You’re all barbecued out and just want a lunch that’s traditional, satisfying and tasty. Our Posh Ploughmans fits the bill perfectly!

These are exciting times here at Red Pepper Catering! We’re expanding – bringing on board an ever-growing number of Corporate Clients across the MK region.

Book your 2021 Wedding Catering now

And of course – what a year 2021 will be for Weddings! Our Wedding Catering package is all ready to roll out. With all those wedding cancellations for this year, now is the time to be booking our services for next year … before it’s too late.

No place like home

Yes, there are plenty of new catering services. But let’s not forget the old favourites. Now that social restrictions are being relaxed why not celebrate getting back together with close friends or family by having a dinner party at home?

Going out to eat is fine – but it has its downsides. With social distancing in place, the atmosphere in restaurants just isn’t there. And when it comes to the quality of food and the service – how often does it match and justify your spend?

You just can’t beat entertaining at home – spending quality time with family or friends, kicking off your shoes, gossiping and chilling?

Delight, excitement & privilege

So – that’s Red Pepper Catering for August 2020. Delighted that the worst of the pandemic is behind us; excited to be forging ahead with our new website and new services; but most of all, privileged to be back, serving you, the people and the businesses of Milton Keynes.

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