Corporate Catering

First, decide what is important to you!

When you think of corporate catering “what do you think off”
Well, most of us know that it means to provide food and drink for a business.
It’s not rocket science “right”

The art of this is finding the right caterer for your event whilst delighting clients and guests alike and sticking to the budget.

This is where Red Pepper Catering comes in!

First, decide what is important to you!

Do you like to choose your own items from a menu or do you need someone to talk you through the options.

Do you have a particular cuisine in mind.

Do you need staff to serve the food or are you looking for a simple drop off.

The benefits of working with a small company like Red Pepper is, we are in tune with your thoughts and we will not put pressure on you.

We are also able to purchase from smaller local suppliers which enables us to keep seasonal produce which is packed with flavour and ingredients that have travelled a short distance rather than travelling miles and miles.

Red Pepper prides itself in using local produce where possible, we try and support local businesses and these great flavours barely need any enhancement. Our food is served as fresh as possible so you eat fresh all the time.

Our service is a great way for offices not to worry about lunch while having a meeting and just let us take the worry out of it while you concentrate and do the task in hand.

If you have used us before, would you use us again and would you recommend us to any one else?

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